Hunting Ridge Retreat is a ministry of First Baptist Church in Winchester, Virginia.  The HRR property was purchased by the church in 1957 and most of the buildings built around 1968, under the vision and direction of Dr. E.T. Clark.
Dr. Clark knew that retreats played a dominant role in the development of the spiritual lives of FBC members and wanted to have a place to call their own. When the tract of land was purchased in 1957, Dr. Clark’s vision could finally start taking shape. The buildings were built around 1968 and housed many FBC children, youth and adult retreats. The vision didn’t stop there though. FBC wanted to allow other churches the same opportunity and so opened up HRR to any and all groups wanting to come and enjoy a retreat in God’s creation.
As the need for retreats continues to grow in our society, HRR plans to be a resource to meet this need for years to come.  We are very proud of our heritage here and are excited to see what God will do in and through lives at Hunting Ridge Retreat.